Starvation in São Vicente, Cape Verde. COVID-19

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As a tour company owner on the island of Sal, we “Paradise Adventures with Gus” have spent many years organising projects to help those most in need on Sal and now is the time my home island of São Vicente needs our help.

Sao Vicente is in total lock-down.. Despair and desperation is leading to people begging on the streets, this is putting their and others health in danger. No money, no food, no safety and no ability to self-isolate or social-distance. This is the true front line of the Coronavirus in Sao Vicente.

100% of funds will be spent on food and supplies for those in need. Our process is to identify at-risk groups, assess their situation and then put in place a food and supplies plan for each group.

A donation of £25 will support one family for a week. £100 four families and so on. Funds will be withdrawn in the UK from where this campaign is being managed by my good and trusted friend John Robey. Funds will then be used to pay for essential food and supplies such as: flour, rice, vegetables, beans, potatoes & oil etc which I will personally take to the families in most need.

We promise to provide total transparency during this campaign and plan to release a financial report detailing how money was spent and which communities benefitted from your kind gesture. We commit towards diligent use of funds and total transparency.

I will keep this blog updated once donations start to come, you can donate at GoFundMe Anything you can give will make a huge difference to the lives of these lovely friendly, welcoming and caring people.

God bless you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Gus x