My passion for Sal and the islands that make up Cape Verde shine through in the work I do and the people that work with me. My company is registered in Cape Verde and pays taxes within Cape Verde. I source everything I can locally and use local produce where possible.

It has always been my goal to set up a business that would bring people together, collectively we can make a difference. Every one of us as human’s have something to offer each other. The people of Sal may not be the wealthiest in pocket but they sure have the warmest of hearts and we  welcome every single person to our home lands to experience the beauty of our people and island. 

Unfortunately, we still have a degree of poverty on the island and a number of people do have a daily struggle to survive. It can be very difficult to get basic items onto the island and a lot people just cannot afford the high price tags for basic items like children’s clothing, stationary items, sanitary products. If you have a little space in your luggage to bring some donations with you that would be very gratefully received. My pledge to you is if you have the kind heart to bring donations with you, I will ensure they get to people most in need, as a local living in the community I know where aid is most needed and what is required. I will keep this list updated to ensure the things in most need are being collected and distributed. If you message me I will collect items in person from your hotel.

Many thanks from the bottom of my heart, GUS x

  • Children and Babies clothing (new or used)
  • School supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks, colouring books, art and craft items etc)
  • Toys, games and puzzles
  • Books to encourage reading (English speaking)
  • Baby supplies & sanitary products
  • Children’s football kit & boots (new or used)
  • Sweets

“Any spare room you’ve got in your case maybe pop a few items in that a youngster might like. If we all take a few things over it will make such a difference 💗💗share the love guys, peace out!”